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Drivers wrongfully entering the highway from an off-ramp pose a serious safety risk and can result in injury or fatalities. The detection of these wrong way drivers is vital to reducing these risks. This system provides accurate detection and fast notification to help improve the safety performance of roadways.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast, safe installtion on existing roadside poles, with no traffic disruptions
  • Integrates with existing RTMS Sx-300 HDCAM installations
  • Monitor any portion of the ramp with a single zone
  • Low power requirement allows low cost solar power operation


  • Provides single zone wrong way detection using one camera on a ramp
  • Automated message alerts with snapshot via e-mail and SMS
  • Simple to setup and configure
  • Pre and post video event capture and storage of incident
  • High Definition video streaming of incident
  • Detection of an event signals the contact closure to activate signs and/or flashing lights

Real Wrong Way Detection

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